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Our Medical & Surgical Services

  • Skin Cancer
    As a skin cancer specialist and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Weisenburger is not only concerned about diagnosing and treating your skin cancer. He is also concerned with the aesthetic result should surgery be needed. Several treatment options are available based on your individual case. Patients are often treated in our office surgical suite.

  • Facial Plastics
    We offer an array of treatments for youthful rejuvenation. Professional strength skin care products known as cosmeceuticals are recommended by Dr. Weisenburger based on his assessment of your skin care needs. PeachTree ENT & Facial Plastics offers BOTOX and JUVEDERM FILLERS. We also offer Pelleve Skin Tightening, as well as microdermabrasion. Non-incisional barbed face lifts, an alternative to the surgical facelift, is performed here as well as other surgical options. Submentoplasty (turkey neck), Blepharoplasty (eyelids) both functional and cosmetic, fat transfer, facial liposuction, earlobe repair and many other procedures are commonly performed by Dr. Weisenburger. We carry a complete line of Gio Pelle Skin Care products. Complimentary cosmetic consultations are offered for those patients who are considering any cosmetic rejuvenation.

  • General E.N.T.
    Ear, nose and throat problems are common and varied. We regularly treat ear pain, hearing loss, wax removal, dizziness and ringing in the ears. Deviated septum, broken noses, nose bleeds, sinus and allergy issues are just as commonly treated. In addition we treat difficulty swallowing, throat pain, hoarseness, neck masses, tongue and oral lesions.

  • Allergy Treatments
    Allergy testing is done on site by a registered nurse who performs skin testing. We test for local allergens. If immunotherapy is recommended, customized immunotherapy vials will be made specifically for your needs based on the allergens you react to. Immunotherapy can cure the allergies when therapy is followed as directed. When immunotherapy is not indicated, Dr. Weisenburger can treat your allergy symptoms by other medical means.

  • Hearing & Hearing Aids
    Dr. Weisenburger provides a complete hearing evaluation including speech discrimination and tympanograms. He then consults with you on the results and determines the necessary treatment options. If amplification is indicated, Dr. Weisenburger can provide fittings and sales of the latest technology of digital and programmable hearing aids.